"Kirsten Ferguson," "Original Muse"

Kirsten Ferguson

Kirsten Ferguson is a professional writer and editor with 20 years experience in writing for newspapers, magazines and the web. As the lead writer and editor at a national conservation organization for a number of those years, she also honed her skills in developing marketing content, managing publication projects and participating in strategic communications efforts.

As the principal of Original Muse Communications, Kirsten offers a variety of writing and editing services for nonprofit organizations, corporations and publications, including:


Sometimes you just need an fresh set of eyes to review your publications, web pages or PowerPoint presentations. We can review your documents and materials for the typos, grammar mistakes and formatting inconsistencies that can leave your clients or supporters with a bad impression. Have a rush job? No problem. Just let us know, and we can often turn around your proofreading project fairly quickly.


There may be other times when your writing project needs a little extra assistance. We can help you polish your sentences or pare down words to meet a word count – without losing your meaning. We excel at understanding exactly what you’re trying to say, but helping you find ways to express it most effectively.


Story-telling is often the best way to convey the value of your organization or company. We can conduct research and interviews in order to craft meaningful, insightful stories and profiles for your group’s annual report, magazine, newsletter, website or marketing brochure.


As a freelance writer for publication, Kirsten specializes in magazine features, arts reviews, interview profiles and writing about music, travel, farms, local food, conservation and the environment. But she can cover any topic and will often provide accompanying photography when needed.


An abbreviated list of clients and publications that Kirsten has worked with recently on writing and editing projects includes:

Adirondack Trust Company
Agricultural Stewardship Association
American Farmland Trust
Innovative Resources Group
Journal Communications, Inc.
Land Trust Alliance
Land Trust Accreditation Commission
Metroland newsweekly
Nordlys Foundation

The Ocean Conservancy
The Patient Experience Project
Saratoga Living magazine
Saratoga Wire



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